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So long!

I shall say goodbye na. This will be *i think* the last post na.

I won't post na here but instead on my multiply account. It's kind of set to private. so sorry nlng kng wala kayong multiply, kaya PHOO, make one now. :D

It's www.thenandthere.multiply.com Click here nalang.



My face is damn itchy. My gaaad. I just wanna grab the cheese grinder and grind my face. LOL. HAHAHAHA. sabi nga nila ung pagkudkud daw ng yelo. Evil much! =))) Ang sama niyo, pag etong face ko kuminis. NAKO. =))))

Ayokong magbakasyon. Hindi pa ko ready. I don't wanna let him be outta my sight for 2 whole months. Naman kasi. Super Pasaway nun, ang naughty naughty. So i can't help but have thinkings about him doing bad stuff, unfaithful things and all. K fine. So much for my pessismism.

On the bright side, Summer. HAHA. Wtf? Shit, i can't wear my two piece. Naman kasi my tummy oh! HAHA.

Walang ka kwenta kwenta tong update na to. para lang sa sake na nakapagpost ako. =)))) Deym it!



Prom was great. Tiring much. :)

My gown looked like this:

It's blue violet and its so darn long, tube and fitted. :)) HAHAHA.

Before heading to school my friends and i had a photoshoot here are the "behind the scenes" take HAHA.

Too bad myko wasn't there.

Anyway, Bon and I were late so we were required to pay 100 php! Damn. :)))

I got to dance with a lot of people. Lemme list the ones i didn't forget.

Myko, my first dance
Sir Vids
Ponce, Last dance aha

I can't remember the rest. :)) Sorry! :D

Twas a lot. My feet still hurts like hell until now.

Anyway, Myko gave me a rose! HAHAHA. Achievement un, So big deal na big deal sakin un. HAHA. First time. And ung rose na un kinuha nya lang sa table HAHAH.

Hirit nya pa "may bibigay ako sayo" sabay kuha ng rose sa likod. HAHA.
Natawa ako sbi ko, "alam ko kng san mo knuha to"
Tumawa kame and we said "dyan sa table"
tas sbi nya "buti nga binigyan kta eh"

Tapos Fart asked me to dance again, we danced for like 3 times or more.
Sbi ko, alukin mo ko ng pormal. I was seating. Then sabi ko Hold the rose with your lips and kneel :)))

He did! :))))) trip lang namin un. HAHAHA.


More pictures on friendster. :D

We didn't only dance sweet music, we dance like we're in a disco too. HAHA. mukha akong first lady and i danced like a party animal :)))) FUN.

And eventually, my gown turned into a DOORMAT sa sobrang dameng footprints. :)))

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Dangerously inlove with you.

Dangerously in Love - Beyoncé

I love you.

Baby I love you
You are my life
My happiest moments weren't complete
If you weren't by my side
You're my relation
In connection to the sun
With you next to me
There's no darkness I can't overcome
You are my raindrop
I am the sea
With you and God, who's my sunlight
I bloom and grow so beautifully
Baby, I'm so proud
So proud to be your girl
You make the confusion
Go all away
From this cold and messed up world.

I am in love with you
You set me free
I can't do this thing
Called life without you here with me
Cause I'm Dangerously In Love with you
I'll never leave
Just keep lovin' me
The way I love you loving me.

And I know you love me
Love me for who I am
Cause years before I became who I am
Baby you were my man
I know it ain't easy
Easy loving me
I appreciate the love and dedication
From you to me
Later on in my destiny
I see myself having your child
I see myself being your wife
And I see my whole future in your eyes
Thought of all my love for you
sometimes make me wanna cry
Realize all my blessings
I'm grateful
To have you by my side.

Every time I see your face
My heart smiles
Every time it feels so good
It hurts sometimes
Created in this world
To love and to hold
To feel
To breathe
To love you.

Dangerously in love
Can't do this thing
I love you , I love you, I love you
I'll never leave
Just keep on loving me
I'm in love with you
I can not do
I cannot do anything without you in my life
Holding me, kissing me, loving me
I love you
Dangerously in love.


from melting sweet sugar, we turned into bitter black coffee.

Not really, but i can feel it. I know, all relationships has its own Ups and Downs, Sweet and Bitter moments. Sabi nga nila; hindi parati dapat sweet kayo. Oh yes, i agree. I guess im just not used to it.

We're still us, we're still ourselves but in someway i just noticed, we weren't as sweet as before na. I don't know, maybe this is just temporary.

Im bothered, that's all.

I still love him though, i'll love him through it all.
And deep down inside of me, i know he loves me too. ;)


Hearts Hearts Hearts

Hearts day was fine. We didn't date. We don't really date you know. It's not his thing. We just went out to look for something to wear for prom. (on 20) So there. I found this Blue tube long gown. It's really elegant. I'll show you the pic when i get it na. Pinarepair ko pa kasi. So yun.

Sya nagpatahi sya, somewhat look a like ng kay Vhong navarro sa Agent x44, ung pure white. But sabi ko ang pale nun. So sinuggest ko Black ung Inner and red neck tie, so he agreed. ;)

Nothing special. I just bored him around looking for the right gown. :)) HAHA. 2 hours daw un. SOrry naman. :D Nag rereklamo na nga sya eh. HAHA. tapos we bought shoes.

Un lang, nothing much. I'd like to share this photos kasi i think im gorgeous in em.

naiinis ako.

ewan. grrr! naiinis ako.


one thing i can't let go

There are things in our life that we can't simply let go. No matter how much we got hurt, no matter what hell it's making us go through, no matter how much you wanted to give it up, still you can't 'just leave it behind. Even if your emotions are already giving in and can't take it anymore, there's still this "part" of us that's holding on and still hopes for a better outcome; "Maybe someday, things will get better.. I can still wait for that moment."

I came to the point that i no longer know what to choose. I'm the victim of my own feelings. A part of me says "Stop it, it's stupid." but another screams "Don't risk it for love's sake." Oh yes i love him. I really do. It's crazy cause it's really stupid. To think that i'm still here, striving to make it and still be with him through each unloving day of our relationship. It's no good. Every damn night i cry because i feel unloved and unimportant to the person i value the most. It hurts more every time i recall the saying; "If you think the person you Love doesn't love you, then you're right. For if he does, there's no way he'll make you feel he doesn't." It' s crap.

I'm jut so sober thinking of what i'd do. Shall i still hold on to this relationship? It's geting worse and worse and worse and worse. I just can't take the tears anymore. I love him but im torn apart. I want to stay but it's like he's pushing me away. So how?

I called him up, crying. Crying my heart and eyes out. I cried so hard i can barely breathe! He wasn't even talking. He doesn't want me to give up. He loves me. But why is he making things hard for me? We're just going on the wrong way. It's geting pointless. He told me not to leave and things shall get better. It's just a part of our God damn relationship and i should remain strong for the good times sake. I don't know. I still didn't feel any better after all those things he told me. Cause i heard all of those a hundred times, and they weren't for real. I guess it didn't register to my "understanding".

I continued to cry. I thought of leaving him right then and there. But I can't. I love him so much i'm still willing to get hurt one or two more time(s). Just few more tries, i said to myself. And there's this one thing he told me that keeps echoing in my head, "Dapat walang iwanan."

Yes, walang iwanan, lalakasan ko na loob ko, this time. ;)

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